Robust Motion Devices Deliver Quality Machined Parts

Machine tool manufacturers are always looking to push the envelope in order to produce high-quality parts. Not only do CNC machine tools need to hit production targets, they are also producing increasingly sophisticated parts. Designers must choose robust motion components that meet these needs and operate reliably in harsh conditions. In order to meet the challenges of the machine tools industry, linear guides must offer designers:

  • Travel and positioning accuracy, plus good rigidity to avoid the influence of deflections on part quality.
  • High load handling capability to support machining centers that handle large, heavy parts.
  • Easy maintenance. Machine tools cannot afford downtime associated with maintenance and lubrication.
  • Contamination resistance. Without proper protection, machines can break down and the guide’s lifetime can suffer.

IKO International offers a lineup of heavy-duty motion components that can provide the precision, heavy load carrying capability, maintenance and protection features that CNC applications require. Highlights of our products for machine tool applications include:

  • Ball and roller linear bearings. With track rail sizes ranging from 8 to 85 millimeters, our linear bearings provide precise motion to machining centers, CNC lathes, grinding machines and lens polishing machines.
  • Cam followers feature a small radial gap within the needle bearing to alleviate impact loads in tool changers and ensure a long operating life.
  • Crossed roller bearings support spinning motion thanks to their ability to handle loads in all directions simultaneously.
  • C-Lube Linear Motion Rolling Guides feature built-in lubricating elements to provide long lasting, maintenance-free operation.

Protect Your Investment From Contamination

Linear guides can take a beating from everyday machine tool conditions like corrosion as well as chips, weld spatter and other debris. IKO International offers various accessories and innovative lubrication technology to protect your investment, such as fluorine black chrome surface treatment, bellows, double end seals and scrapers. C-Wipers that mount outside of an end seal to prevent foreign substances from entering the slide unit with no damage to the end seal are available.

Enhance Your Machine Tool’s Performance And Productivity

High-quality parts rely on machine tools with precise, reliable motion. IKO International’s motion products offer the precision, heavy load handling capability and reliability that are essential to machining centers. These characteristics, when combined with protective accessories and C-Lube maintenance-free technology, help parts producers get the best performance and productivity from their machine tools.

For more information about IKO products for machine tools, visit our industry page.

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