Built-in capillary system ensures long-lasting
maintenance-free operation

C-Lube comes built into many IKO products including linear guides and cam followers. Through capillary action, C-Lube provides a controlled release of lubricating oil to eliminate routine re-lubrication maintenance.

Available with select linear guides in many sizes

In linear guides, the C-Lube system is integrated into the slide unit and supplies the lubricating oil to the surfaces of its rolling elements without contacting the track rail. This built-in lubrication system can run maintenance-free for five years or 12,500 miles and beyond, providing improved performance, lower operating costs and reduced downtime.

  • Smooth motion without adding rolling resistance that can cause friction.
  • Extends the re-lubrication interval from several months to several years.
  • Can be integrated into bearings as small as 3 millimeters wide.
  • C-Lube does not increase the slide unit’s length.
  • Available with an H-1 food-grade lubricant option to meet hygiene requirements.
  • Promotes environmental sustainability by reducing lubrication oil consumption, even when the unit runs for long periods.

Maintenance-free cam followers

In C-Lube Cam Followers, bearings are lubricated with a thermosetting solid-type lubricant that fills the inner space of the bearing, providing continuous lubrication as it rotates. The service life of the bearing is assured with C-Lube because the surrounding area is kept clean, unlike standard cam followers that use grease lubrication. In addition, since the lubricant is fully impregnated within the unit with extra sealing to prevent particle incursion, it helps extend the device’s lifetime — even in applications involving dust or particles.

  • Available in both metric and inch.
  • Relubrication is no longer required. They are maintenance-free for the life of the bearing.
  • Suitable for hard-to-reach locations. No need to figure out greasing routes during machine design work.

One of the latest maintenance-free cam followers, inch series CR…BSE, combines C-Lube technology with newly developed ThrustDisk™ seals for exceptional axial load handling, contamination prevention and long life.

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