A Luxury Motorcycle Takes to the Road With IKO Bearings

A Luxury Motorcycle Takes to the Road With IKO Bearings

Customers of high-end motorcycles can be quite discerning — meaning upscale motorcycle manufacturers must be selective about the parts they incorporate into their designs. Recently a luxury motorcycle manufacturer needed a quality needle bearing for a new electric bike. The lithium battery-powered motorcycle is positioned as superior, innovative and one that the customer will ride for their entire life. Simply put, the bearing has to meet lofty expectations.

The motorcycle features include a fully adjustable, multi-link suspension system that allows riders to change the ride height, elongate the bike or even bring the front end toward the bike’s center to create a more European aesthetic. In addition, the bike is designed to provide optimal damping of shock from the road. The design calls for 20 needle bearings per bike, mounted to the end of the damping assembly.

The manufacturer cast a wide net in search of a rugged, high-quality needle bearing that could meet its expectations. They tested various products and chose our IKO NAG Series needle roller bearings. These machined-type caged needle roller bearings feature a robust construction to handle heavy loads, making them well-suited to help dampen shocks from road conditions, providing exceptional rider comfort. Synthetic rubber seals prevent dust penetration and grease leakage, while the inseparable inner and outer rings create a one-piece unit that is easy to install and maintain. Additional features include:

  • Good rotational accuracy
  • Low sectional height
  • Metric and inch versions

The NAG needle roller bearings met the motorcycle manufacturer’s expectations, performing at speeds up to 140 miles per hour on the dynamometer. These bearings are also versatile: With each enhancement to the bike design, IKO was able to provide the bearings that were needed — no matter if a standard or custom design was required.

Innovation and Quality for High-Performance Applications
It’s no wonder that when the luxury motorcycle manufacturer needed a quality needle bearing for an innovative and superior electric bike, they chose IKO. After all, we stand for innovation, know-how and originality. When you need a high-performance needle roller bearing, let us help you select the best bearing for your requirements.

For more information about our needle roller bearings, visit our product page.

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