IKO Cam Followers: A Wide Selection and Easy Procurement

IKO Cam Followers: A Wide Selection and Easy Procurement

If your mechanical design calls for a part with reciprocating motion, then the right cam follower is hard to beat. However, there may be times when your usual cam follower provider is no longer a viable option — whether due to limited stock, discontinuation of your preferred product or poor lead times. These obstacles can be frustrating, especially when they delay your project.

Fortunately, it’s still possible to get the cam follower you need. When it’s time to select a cam follower or replace your existing one, IKO has you covered with a comprehensive lineup of products that fit a wide range of industrial applications such as robotics, electronic parts production and office automation equipment. The line includes:

  • Standard cam followers in a basic style to suit many applications.
  • C-Lube maintenance-free designs.
  • Solid eccentric stud types for easy positioning in the radial direction with no change of mounting hole size.
  • Eccentric cam followers for easy positioning in the radial direction.
  • Centralized lubrication cam followers with one or two piped threaded holes in the stud to accept centralized oil supply piping.
  • All-purpose and heavy-duty styles, plus easy-to-mount units.

Our cam followers feature exceptional rigidity, high load capacity, easy mounting and excellent rotational performance thanks to an optimized design for outer ring revolution. We also offer two unique technologies: ThrustDisk™ and ThrustDisk Seals™ — a synthetic resin thrust washer that handles axial loads with exceptional wear and heat resistance — and C-Lube options, either built-in or as an attachment that provides long-lasting, maintenance-free operation.

You’ll also get your cam followers fast. Unlike many motion component manufacturers, we carry a large inventory of off-the shelf products stocked in multiple U.S. locations to ensure delay-free availability and worry-free ordering.

No Compromises Required
When it comes to cam followers, you don’t have to change your design or make sacrifices to get the motion your application requires. To find out which cam follower is best for the job, be sure to talk to an IKO technical sales representative.

For more information about IKO cam followers, visit our product page.

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