IKO Miniature Linear Guides Mount Easily in Tight Spaces

IKO Miniature Linear Guides Mount Easily in Tight Spaces

As manufacturers prioritize smaller and more energy-efficient machinery and instruments, integrating reliable miniature and precise motion components can be challenging. While linear motion is essential to device miniaturization, finding a guide that’s compact, lightweight and easy to mount isn’t always possible. And, miniature linear guides must deliver the same quality and durability you expect from larger guides.

At IKO International, we’ve been at the forefront of miniature linear guides with our LWL1 Series, which comes in ultra-small rail lengths and delivers exceptional accuracy and rigidity. We’ve expanded the LWL family with our LWLF2 linear motion rolling guide. The new LWLF2 features the same ultra-small height dimension as the LWL1, plus tapped rail holes to make mounting simple. Together, these features make the LWLF2 an attractive choice if you’re looking to downsize equipment.

Like our other LWL miniature rolling motion guides, the LWLF2 guides are structured with two rows of balls that make contact with the raceway at four points to provide high stability and accuracy — even in applications with varying load direction or complexity. Highlights of the LWLF2 include:

  • Simple mounting. The tapped rail allows the guide to be mounted from the bottom and is used as the track rail for stability.
  • Ultra-small size. At 2.5 millimeters, LWLF2 guides provide the lowest sectional height in the industry. Track rail width is 2 millimeters, and the slide unit width is 5 millimeters.
  • Corrosion resistance. Stainless steel construction is standard, making the guides desirable in wet environments and applications where rust prevention oil can’t be used, such as in cleanrooms.
  • Light weight. The LWLF2’s rail weighs 2 grams per 100 millimeters of length, and the slide unit weighs 0.21 grams.

Gain Mounting Flexibility Despite Limited Space
Machine designers across many industries are continually challenged with providing smooth, accurate motion despite limited space. We continue to respond to the challenge with accurate miniature guides, such as the new, easy-to-mount LWLF2 guides with low sectional height. When your project calls for a downsized design, our miniature LWLF2 guides take the hassle and worry out of mounting a robust, accurate linear guide in a tight space.

For more information about LWL guides, visit our product page.

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