Rotary Motion Products

Roller Bearings

Heavy-duty roller bearings for high loads and rugged applications

IKO designs and develops compact roller bearings for use in heavy-duty machinery such as construction equipment and industrial machines. Three styles are available for different applications: caged, full complement and roller bearings for sheaves.


  • Compact footprint, similar to needle roller bearings.
  • Non-separable, rugged construction featuring two rows of rollers.
  • Heavy-duty design, built to withstand both radial and axial loads.

Caged Roller Bearings

Caged roller bearings are designed for high speeds and variable loads. Due to the axial distance between double rollers, large moment loads are supported.

  • Optional synthetic rubber seals prevent dust penetration and grease leakage.

Full Complement Roller Bearings

Full complement roller bearings handle low-speed rotations, oscillating motions and heavy loads.

  • Supports moment loads with a design similar to the caged style.
  • Optional seals are available on both sides.

Needle Roller Cages

Roller bearings for sheaves feature a double-row, full complement design with a low sectional height ideal for use in sheaves.

  • Two styles available: sealed and shielded.
  • Both styles withstand heavy radial and shock loads at low speeds, in addition to axial loads.
  • Surface treatments provide excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Easily attached to sheaves in an axial direction.
  • Double-row rollers provide high stability and can withstand moment loads.