Select and Configure IKO Linear Guides Online

Tired of sifting through dozens of catalogs and web pages when specifying linear guides? Then try our new online selection and configuration tool, to determine the perfect IKO guide for your project.

To use the selection tool, enter your technical requirements from an easy-to-follow choice of options. The tool will display a list of guides that meet your requirements. Click on a specific model, and you’ll have access to the full technical details
and CAD information.

Configuration is just as quick and easy: Simply enter your track rail length, desired number of carriages and precision level. The tool will then generate a product code so you can request a quote. And if you need technical support for optional features or materials or if you have a question, you can forward your application information to an IKO engineer for answers.

Be sure to check out IKO International’s Product Search and Configuration Tool. It’s a real timesaver.

Click here to get your linear motion guide product search started — and finished — in minutes!



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