Reliable Motion Reinvents the Warehouse

Automated systems and machines are revolutionizing storage and retrieval systems to support the demand for faster processes and efficiency gains. Sophisticated conveyors, sorters, palletizers and robotic systems can move product more quickly and reliably than traditional warehouse machinery, but they require exceptional motion products to provide accuracy and longevity. Here is an overview of some of the advanced, high-performance motion devices available and the features that make them well-suited for use in modern, automated warehouses.

  • Linear Roller Guides, such as the Super MX Series from IKO International, are desirable whenever a mechanism must handle heavy loads in any direction or large moment loads. Using cylindrical rollers that make a larger contact area with the raceway than guides that use steel balls, they offer higher load ratings. The large contact area also provides exceptional rigidity with less elastic deformation under load for
    stable performance.IKO Super MX also has built-in C-Lube technology which provides long-term maintenance-free operation. Since lubrication maintenance is reduced, these guides are particularly beneficial for robotics in warehouses where tight spaces make lubrication difficult. And, their interchangeability allows them to be matched, replaced or freely added without replacing an entire bearing and rail assembly, giving engineers greater design freedom.
  • Crossed Roller Bearings. For applications with complex rotary motion requirements, crossed roller bearings can provide high rotational accuracy and are engineered to handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time. Different types of crossed roller bearings can be chosen depending on the intended task and can provide extra-high rigidity or satisfy restrictive space and weight requirements for robotic devices that perform
    light-duty wrist and arm motion.IKO International’s lineup of crossed roller bearings provide rigidity, smooth motion and accuracy in a wide variety of sizes and types to fit various rotating and positioning mechanisms. IKO offers
    standard, high rigidity and mounting hole type and slim and extra slim versions to meet a range of size and application requirements. Bearings are also available with rubber seals to protect against dust, dirt and grease.
  • Linear Ball Spline Guides. Available in standard and C-Lube models, these guides have an external cylinder that enables smooth linear motion along a spline shaft, making four-point contact with the raceway. This construction allows the cylinder to move with high accuracy and rigidity, even during fluctuating and complex loads common in material handling applications such as pick and place machines. Flanged and long type cylinders
    are also available.

Move Goods With Confidence and Efficiency

Motion products are proving essential to the automated machines and systems that are transforming storage and retrieval operations. IKO International’s lineup of linear roller guides, crossed roller bearings and linear ball splines gives machine designers the rigidity, accuracy and smooth motion these systems require along with design freedom and protection from harsh industrial conditions. That means goods can move quickly, efficiently and reliably, and machines can run longer, providing a better return on investment for automated warehousing systems.

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