Extended Life Specification Machined Needle Roller Bearings Provide Performance and a Longer Operating Life

When you need a small, lightweight bearing to rotate a heavy load with minimal friction, machined type needle roller bearings are often the appropriate choice. Thanks to their low sectional height, outer ring with stable high rigidity and high- or low-speed rotation capabilities, they can be ideal for a variety of general-purpose applications and machine profiles. Additional advantages of machined needle roller bearings include:

  • Lower rotational torque for exceptional mechanical efficiency.
  • Minimal inertia when the load is put into motion.
  • Smaller spacing pitch between needles, which makes them particularly suitable for oscillating motion.

However, some heavy duty applications can wear out these bearings faster, requiring them to be replaced more often, until now. IKO has introduced a new machined needle roller bearing — the Extended Life Specification bearing — that delivers both performance and an extended operating life up to five times longer than standard needle roller bearings. Extended Life Specification machined needle roller bearings receive a special heat treatment that enhances their surface hardness and toughness to minimize damage over time. The bearings can achieve long lifetimes even under high load or when the lubrication
is contaminated with foreign substances. In fact, when life-tested under load conditions at 50 percent of the basic dynamic load rating, IKO’s Extended Life Specification with special heat treatment lasted five times longer when compared to the
standard heat-treated products.

IKO International custom-builds Extended Life Specification machined-type needle roller bearings upon request in addition to a full range of standard products to suit a variety of conditions. Standard machined needle roller bearings come in metric series and inch series, both of which are available as caged type and guide type (full-complement). Customers can also specify a bearing that uses a hardened shaft as the raceway surface, eliminating the inner ring to create a compact design.

Long on Benefits Plus Longer Life
When it comes to choosing a needle roller bearing that can handle heavy loads with less friction, and which can last up to five times longer, the answer is simple. IKO International’s Extended Life Specification bearings combine heavy load handling, rigidity, light weight and space savings with added surface toughness to deliver performance benefits and a longer operating life — even for demanding applications.

For more information about IKO International’s Machined Needle Roller Bearings, including Extended Life Specification bearings, visit the product page.


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