Rigid Ball Spline For Medical And Semiconductor Applications

Designed for maintenance-free operation in applications like medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing, our C-Lube Linear Ball Spline MAG is a rolling guide that enables linear motion along a spline shaft with an external cylinder or slide unit.

The MAG’s splined shaft allows this linear guide to handle radial loads and transmit torque. Its optional stainless steel shaft material is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for applications in cleanroom environments. In addition, a four-point contact, double-row raceway design gives the ball spline high accuracy and rigidity, even under fluctuating or complex loads.

Flexible design options. For this linear guide, we offer two different cylinder lengths: a standard cylindrical length and a long type. The MAG comes in six different models with spline shaft diameters ranging from 4 to 12 millimeters. Also, this model’s interchangeable specifications allow you to swap out external cylinders or spline shafts if your application requires any design changes or replacement parts.

Premium lubrication. This guide comes with our built-in C-Lube system for long-lasting operation through capillary action, which guarantees zero maintenance for 20,000 kilometers. Due to its minimal lubrication requirements, the C-Lube
system also makes the Linear Ball Spline MAG environmentally-friendly.


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