TE Positioning Table For Packaging Applications

For packaging applications that need a compact, cost effective motion stage, IKO has introduced the new TE Precision Positioning Table.  While not as accurate and precise as our premium stages for the semiconductor industry, it brings extra precision to packaging applications without breaking the bank.

The positioning table’s main components are made from high strength aluminum alloy and feature a slide table inside a U-shaped bed.

Cost Out. By reducing the parts count and optimizing the geometry of the components, we created a cost-effective positioning stage that still delivers in the accuracy department.

Compact Size. The TE Precision Positioning table has a low cross sectional height of 26mm for TE50B, 33mm for TE60B and 46mm for TE86B. Sensors can be directly installed on an integrated sensor rail, which contributes to the table’s small size.

Excellent Precision. The best repeatability is ± 0.002 millimeters and the positioning accuracy is as good as 0.035 mm. The TE table can be easily customized to meet different application requirements. Key features and options include:

  • Standard slide table or slide table with flange.
  • Number of slide tables.
  • Dust protection cover.
  • C-Lube built-in lubrication.
  • Precision ball screw.
  • High-strength aluminum alloy.
  • Space-saving motor mount.
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