Linear Motion Guides Give Thermoformed Plastic Parts Consistent Quality

Thermoforming is a technique that involves shaping plastics into useful products, such as disposable cups, containers, lids and trays. You will find many of these products in everyday life, from a container for fresh vegetables to a plastic beverage cup at a football stadium.

An IKO customer that manufactures thermoforming machines started using IKO’s LRX and MX linear roller ways approximately 10 years ago to maximize the performance of its machines. In one application, the customer originally used standard bronze bushings mounted on a steel shaft. However, the bushings and shafts would wear out over time because of the sliding friction involved and needed replacement. These machines run almost 24/7, so the cost of having to shut them down for maintenance is daunting and the effort needed to replace the bronze bushings was causing many headaches for the customer. They sought more reliable alternatives and decided to try IKO’s LRX and MX linear guides. These guides feature recirculating rollers instead of ball bearings and can achieve high levels of performance due to extra load capacity, high rigidity, low friction and accuracy.

Linear Motion Rolling Guides Designed for Heavy-Duty Operation

IKO’s LRX and MX Series linear motion rolling guides are ideal for this application. Designed for high performance and heavy-duty operation, these linear guides offer several features that make them well-suited to meet the performance demands and tough conditions of this thermoforming operation:

  • Four rows of cylindrical rollers enclosed in a highly rigid casing provide exceptionally smooth, accurate and repeatable linear motion.
  • Minimal elastic deformation ensures stable and reliable operation under heavy or fluctuating loads, as well as vibration and shock loads.
  • The MX Series features IKO’s patented C-Lube technology, which provides long lasting, maintenance-free operation through capillary action.

Thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of LRX and MX Series linear motion rolling guides, the customer was able to achieve the product consistency and reliability it was seeking. They have since started using IKO’s linear guides on their next-generation machines.

Satisfy Demanding Production and Quality Requirements

Thermoforming machinery is yet another application that can benefit from the accuracy, rigidity and robustness of IKO linear motion rolling guides. If your high-speed, heavy-duty machinery requires reliable linear motion, IKO linear guides can help you meet demanding production goals and quality requirements while maximizing uptime.

For more information about IKO International’s LRX and MX Series linear motion rolling guides, visit our product page.

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