Linear Guides Meet the Semiconductor Industry’s Demanding Performance Requirements

Linear Guides Meet the Semiconductor Industry’s Demanding Performance Requirements

In semiconductor fabs, linear guides must meet extremely demanding performance criteria despite space constraints, such as in wafer fabrication equipment. They have to be compact, yet strong enough to perform as needed with very little maintenance.

In order to get the most performance in limited space, look for a linear guide of high quality that has a simple structure. For example, ball-type linear motion rolling guides structured with two rows of balls that make contact with the raceway at four points are able to deliver high stability and accuracy — even when the load direction or complexity varies. This multi-directional load capacity is especially desirable when orienting and installing parts at high speeds.

You can find this two-row arrangement in IKO’s linear guides, along with a dedication to strict quality assurance that ensures their linear guides operate consistently with precision, reliability and smooth motion. The newly announced LWLF2, for example, delivers the lowest sectional height in the industry along with a 2-millimeter track width and a slide unit width of 5 millimeters. Stainless steel construction is also standard, making the guide ideal for applications where rust prevention oil can’t be used, such as in cleanrooms.

Another linear motion rolling guide, our unique “Master Grade” Series, delivers air-bearing level running precision. These profile rail style linear bearings use rolling elements that allow for small “wobble” while in motion. We’ve developed a unique combination of technologies for the “Master Grade” Linear Roller Guide that successfully suppress the unwanted small movement.

Don’t Forget About Lubrication

Keeping linear guides in fabrication equipment well-lubricated can be challenging due to high speeds, fast accelerations and difficulty accessing hard-to-reach areas such as cleanrooms. We solve these problems with a built-in lubricating element called C-Lube inside select linear guides to provide long lasting, maintenance-free operation through capillary action.

If your semiconductor manufacturing equipment design requires highly accurate linear motion despite limited space for a guide, our linear motion rolling guides offer high stability, smooth motion, accuracy, multi-directional load capacity and a compact size. With these features, you can achieve the demanding performance requirements of advanced semiconductor fabrication equipment.

In addition to linear motion rolling guides, we offer a varied lineup of crossed roller bearings (CRBs) and positioning tables that are also well-suited for precision semiconductor fabrication applications. You can learn more about them in our new white paper, High-Precision Motion Components Drive Advances in Semiconductor Production.

Download our white paper.

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