Rotary Bearings Help Roll Formed Parts Take Shape

When it comes to roll forming equipment, rotary bearings are just as essential to the machine as any of the feeding, cutting and stamping components. It is safe to say that your machine is only as good as the rotary bearing you use. For example, a rotary bearing that lacks accuracy can affect the quality of the finished product. And any time the rollers must advance and shape heavy loads of aluminum and other metals through a machine, you need a bearing with good rigidity and durability. The friction from these metals can wear out bearings and other critical machine parts. Replacing frequently worn-out parts can be expensive, so it pays to integrate motion components that stand up to wear and provide a long operating lifetime.

IKO’s lineup of rotary motion products includes a broad range of needle bearings, inner rings and cam followers so you can configure your roll forming equipment to create the desired shape for your part. They also stand up to the rigors of metal friction and bending. Highlights include:

  • Needle roller bearings. IKO needle roller bearings enable reliable and smooth rotation thanks to a thin, needle-shaped roller as part of the moving element. Benefits include a high load capacity in a small footprint, which is especially desirable for portable roll forming equipment typically found in the construction industry.
  • Inner rings. IKO inner rings can be incorporated into needle roller bearings to protect machine parts from wear when a shaft surface does not have the desired hardness and roughness to be used as a raceway. Our inner rings are heat treated and ground to ensure high accuracy.
  • Cam followers. Suitable for many different types of equipment, IKO cam followers incorporate needle-type rollers between a stud and thick outer ring to deliver good rotational performance with a small coefficient of friction. They are designed with a smaller radial gap than within a general needle roller bearing, alleviating the impact load while increasing lifetime.

Accuracy, Reliability and Availability

Not only do IKO rotary motion products provide smooth, accurate motion for roll forming equipment, they’re also cost effective, and their robust carbon steel construction prevents wear. IKO can even help machine builders calculate bearing life so users can be confident in their reliability. We also carry a large inventory of off-the-shelf products stocked in multiple U.S. locations so you can implement them into your equipment fast to produce quality parts without delay.

For more information about IKO rotary motion products, visit our product page.

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