New IKO Cam Followers Allow Mounting Freedom in Tight Spaces

IKO International is pleased to introduce its CFC…B Series of short stud-type cam followers. These new cam followers have a unique mounting structure that solves space limitations that often exist on the stud side of the assembly region, thereby satisfying mounting requirements without sacrificing performance.

The CFC…B cam follower’s mounting structure consists of a hexagon socket head bolt and a dedicated flange nut that not only creates a more compact cam follower, it reduces the required mounting space on the stud side by up to 34 percent — far more than conventional cam followers. By providing greater design freedom, this cam follower family can enhance production efficiency for a wide range of applications across many industries such as robots, electronic devices, manufacturing and automated equipment. 

Additional features and specifications include:

  • Sealed structure and crowned outer ring
  • Available with cage or full-complement rollers
  • Outer diameters: 19 to 32 millimeters
  • Stud diameters: 8, 10 and 12 millimeters
  • Rotational speed (d1n values):
    • Cage type: 8,400 (recommended) and 84,000 rpm (max.)
    • Full complement: 4,200 (recommended) and 42,000 rpm (max.)
  • Accuracy:
    • Outside of outer ring: -50 to 0 µm
    • 8- and 10-millimeter diameter studs: -15 to 0 µm
    • 12-millimeter diameter stud: -18 to 0 µm
    • Width of outer ring: -120 µm

In addition to these advantages, CFC…B Series short stud cam followers are also easy to mount using a hex wrench.

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