Important Production Notice For Customers

IKO strives to be a 100% on time supplier, but recently it has become more challenging. As we continue through these unprecedented times, IKO is requesting all customers plan their orders for a minimum of 6 months and ideally 1 year.

Production lead times are pushing out, there are significant delays in logistics, and being able to accurately predict customer demands is even more challenging. We are asking you today to help yourself and provide IKO with as much information as possible. Purchase orders enable us to “get in line” and fix production schedules. Forecasts allow us to plan and predict future demands, but they will have a lower priority than orders.

Rest assured IKO is well positioned to meet your needs, but we are realistic about the longer than normal lead times that our industry is facing. IKO will continue to use our industry knowledge and historic usage levels to plan production in the absence of PO’s or forecasts, but we do expect some shortages in 2021 and early 2022. Please help us help you and place your orders today.

Feel free to reach out to your local IKO branch or salesperson to discuss, or feel free to contact me directly.

Karl Wickenheisser
Vice President Marketing and Sales
[email protected]

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