IKO Offers Automationware Electric Actuators for Optimal Positioning Accuracy and Control

IKO International has announced the U.S. availability of the Mech Series of E-actuators as part of its distribution partnership with Automationware.

With Automationware’s Mech Series E-actuators, engineers can obtain accurate, controllable movement for almost any performance and size requirement. The series features an advanced ball screw transmission system to handle a wide range of dynamic loads and speeds with exceptional thrust performance. The units are also offered with integrated brushless motors or high-speed stepper motors and an integrated feedback encoder as standard options.

In addition, the Mech Series delivers positioning accuracy to ±0.01 millimeter. Users can reduce space and cost by coupling the motors to the gearboxes or specify a sensorless version that uses motor control criteria to detect the correct position.

Versions and sizes include:

  • Mech Value in sizes 16-25-32. These feature a high-quality ball screw.
  • Mech Force in sizes 50-63-80-100-125-150. These deliver thrusts up to 190 kN force.
  • Mech Plus in sizes 50-63-80-100-125-160. These combine high dynamic load and compact size.

Users can also monitor their Mech Series actuator using Automationware’s AwareVu platform to ensure real-time control of temperature, vibrations and other production process anomalies.

IKO is the U.S. distribution partner for Automationware. For more information visit:

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