NT Series Linear Tables Deliver Accurate Positioning Without Sacrificing Speed and Response

NT Series Linear Tables Deliver Accurate Positioning Without Sacrificing Speed and Response

Linear motor driven positioning tables are typically an attractive choice for guiding or positioning loads in applications that require high speed, fast response and small size. However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that these tables also offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for many applications. In fact, you can find linear motor positioning tables with micrometer accuracy or better.

As you consider positioning tables and their various driving methods, here are some of the features to look for in a linear motor table that can provide the high accuracy — and speed — your dynamic application requires:

Integrated Crossed Roller Ways. Many linear motor positioning tables enhance accuracy by incorporating linear ways or crossed roller linear ways to guide parts on the table. Look for an integrated crossed roller way with a built-in rack and pinion that combats cage creep.

Optical Encoder Feedback. A high-resolution optical encoder tracks positioning accuracy and provides feedback in order to ensure fast adjustments.

You can find these elements in our NT Series of linear motor driven tables. The family features a built-in direct drive linear motor, high-strength neodymium magnets for the slide table and high-resolution optical linear encoders in a compact unit. The optical linear encoder scale is mounted on the slide table, with the scale head attached to the bed. This arrangement creates a closed loop system to ensure real-time positioning and control. A built-in anti-cage creep crossed roller way ensures stable, high-speed movement whereby the attitude is unaffected by the table’s motion, ensuring exceptional rigidity and repeatability.

One such table, the NT…H High Accuracy type, offers these high-performance benefits:

  • High attitude accuracy of 5 seconds or less.
  • Running accuracy of less than 1 µm.
  • Maximum thrust of 25N.
  • Stroke lengths from 25 to 65 millimeters.
  • Operation monitoring via PC.
  • Communication via EtherCAT, SSCNET III/H and MECHATROLINK

When Speed and Accuracy Count, Turn To NT Series Positioning Tables
When it comes to accurate, repeatable motion for dynamic applications like semiconductor and LCD manufacturing, you don’t have to sacrifice the speed and fast response of a linear motor driven drive. The NT Series drives combine a direct drive linear motor and high-performance components to ensure high accuracy while delivering high-speed functionality. Our engineers are ready to help you select an NT Series positioning table with the best combination of speed and accuracy for your application.

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