IKO Positioning Table Plays Crucial Role in Pyrolysis Measuring

Wildcat Technologies makes laboratory and well site pyrolysis instrumentation for the oil and gas industry. For a crucial role in its flagship HAWK (Hydrocarbon Analysis With Kinetics) instrument, the company uses precision positioning tables from IKO International, Inc.

Wildcat Technologies’ HAWK instrument uses about 100 milligrams of 60 mesh size ground rock to measure all the normal pyrolysis parameters like total organic carbon (TOC), free oil (S1), kerogen yield (S2), organic carbon dioxide yield (S3) and maturity (Tmax). It also measures inorganic carbon which provides the carbonate carbon content of rock samples.

Reliable positioning tables. For the HAWK, Wildcat Technologies sought out a precise, robust slide that allowed them to do multiple pyrolysis samples at the same time. After mulling over several options, the company found that IKO’s TU positioning table was a great fit. IKO designs and manufactures a wide variety of specialized positioning tables that serve as reliable positioning mechanisms within industrial equipment and machinery.

Download the case study for a closer look at this pyrolysis instrument and the role that IKO’s positioning tables play in Wildcat Technologies’ design.

Download the Case Study

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