How a Cam Follower’s Structure Provides Greater Assembly Design Freedom

When you need to convert rotary motion to linear motion in your mechanical design, a cam follower is typically the first option that comes to mind. However, many of the robots, electronic devices, manufacturing and automated equipment that can benefit from cam followers have limited mounting space, especially on the stud side of the assembly region. Although you may find a cam follower that can fit into your tight space, you’re less likely to find a unit that you can mount according to your preferences. An improperly mounted cam follower can cause damaging misalignment and equipment downtime.

Fortunately, it’s still possible to find an exceptional cam follower that both fits your constrained space and can be mounted in a way that also gives you design flexibility. IKO’s CFC…B Series of short stud-type cam followers are designed to satisfy your mounting requirements without sacrificing performance.

CFC…B cam followers have a special mounting structure with a hexagon socket head bolt and a dedicated flange nut. This new structure creates a more compact cam follower and reduces the required mounting space on the stud side by up to 34 percent — far more than conventional cam followers. By providing greater design freedom, this cam follower family can enhance production efficiency for a wide range of applications across many industries. Additional specifications include:

  • Sealed structure and crowned outer ring
  • Available with cage or full-complement rollers
  • Outer diameters: 19 to 32 millimeters
  • Stud diameters: 8, 10 and 12 millimeters
  • Rotational speed (dln values):
    • Cage type: 8,400 (recommended) and 84,000 rpm (max.)
    • Full complement: 4,200 (recommended) and 42,000 rpm (max.)
  • Accuracy:
    • Outside of outer ring: -50 to 0 µm
    • 8- and 10-millimeter diameter studs: -15 to 0 µm
    • 12-millimeter diameter stud: -18 to 0 µm
    • Width of outer ring: -120 µm

Mounting CFC…B Series short stud cam followers is also easy. Simply fix the dedicated flange nut as a rotation stopper with a wrench or hex wrench, and then tighten the hexagon socket head bolt with a hex wrench. The maximum tightening torque is listed in the dimension table.

Create a Cam Mechanism That Best Suits Your Application
Integrating a cam follower into constrained spaces no longer means altering your assembly or making tough decisions in order to mount your bearing. IKO CFC…B Series cam followers reduce space requirements on the stud side of the installation, so you can create an assembly that best suits your application and performance needs without the hassle and wasted time often associated with conventional cam followers. Be sure to talk to an IKO technical sales representative to specify an ideal CFC…B Series cam follower for your application.

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