Hard Drive Manufacturer Focuses on Quality With IKO Positioning Tables

Hard Drive Manufacturer Focuses on Quality With IKO Positioning Tables

The tried-and-true hard disk drive (HDD) plays a significant role in how the world stores and manages its ever-growing volume of data, but manufacturing these devices is no easy task. In fact, the construction of a single unit can include thousands of complicated steps for a complete assembly build, with extensive quality control to ensure precise, error-free production. Not only is the process complex, it also employs top-notch equipment.

That’s why one of the world’s largest hard disk drive manufacturers turned to IKO when it needed a positioning table for its production process. The company uses our NT Nano Series linear positioning table to focus a camera that inspects for manufacturing errors that can otherwise lower yields.

Thanks to the following advantages, our NT Series was precisely what the manufacturer was looking for in this high-precision application:

  • High repeatability. The NT Nano linear table achieves ⨦0.5-µm positioning repeatability, making it ideal for extreme-precision applications.
  • High resolution. Using built-in optical linear encoders, the NT Nano table provides 0.1-µm step-size resolution.
  • Ultra-compact. The table in this application is a mere 14 millimeters tall, and other NT Nano Series tables boast sectional heights down to 11 millimeters.
  • Clean. Unlike other linear positioning tables, the NT’s linear-scale sensors are uniquely positioned on the bed, eliminating the floating cables that connect the moving table to the bed and generate unwanted dust. This design makes the NT Nano Series particularly attractive for clean environments like semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.

In addition to these benefits, the manufacturer wanted a means to operate the table in a vertical axis with the same carrying mass capability as the horizontal plane — 600 grams. We installed a special spring on the left side of the table’s exterior, allowing the customer to change the X-Y axis to a Z, if desired.

The NT Nano Series also comes with a built-in linear guide. We furnished the rolling element of the slide unit with a pre-packaged soft, lithium soap-thickened, light viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon grease to provide long-lasting lubrication.

The result: the HDD manufacturer was able to design a highly precise yet compact positioning table into an integral part of its production machinery, and our engineers customized the table for vertical use, low maintenance and optimal performance. Our customer was pleased to receive the NT Series table, which has since provided precise, trouble-free performance in an application that can’t tolerate inaccuracy or any type of disruption.

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