IKO’s precise, repeatable motion devices adapt to the semiconductor industry’s challenging environments.

From wafer handling to pick and place machines, today’s semiconductor equipment moves ever-faster even as chips continually shrink. In an industry where high speed and tight motion accuracy are critical, IKO’s motion components enable precise, repeatable motion cycles.

IKO linear motion guides are well-suited for semiconductor applications thanks to their high accuracy, a wide range of available rail sizes and four possible bearing lengths. In addition, our crossed roller bearings come in compact sizes and feature multi-directional load capacity that is especially desirable when orienting and installing parts at high speeds. Many of our linear guides and bearings, which can be made from carbon or stainless steel, come with C-Lube technology. C-Lube virtually eliminates lubrication requirements in hard-to-access clean room and vacuum environments where contamination due to maintenance is not an option. 

IKO also has a long history of providing innovative products and application expertise for challenging environments. Products with medium vacuum- and clean room-compatible features and options are especially appropriate for semiconductor fabrication. For example, the Linear Roller Way LWL can withstand temperatures up to 150°C, and sometimes higher, such as those found in IC testing environments. Taken together, IKO’s quality products and expertise give semiconductor equipment designers more flexibility to meet their needs.

Technical Advantages

  • Linear motion rolling guides offer outstanding metallurgical properties to deliver smooth motion, accurate performance, good rigidity and a long lifetime.
  • Available in rail sizes from 1 to 42 millimeters and four possible bearing lengths.
  • Crossed roller bearings come in compact sizes, offer high rotational accuracy and can handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time.
  • Many products and accessories are offered in stainless steel versions for use in wet or clean room conditions, and IKO can replace plastic components with stainless steel.
  • Products with vacuum-compatible options are available.
  • Seals and coatings for special environments can protect your component from contaminants.
  • Products with built-in C-Lube lubrication achieve long-term, maintenance-free operation.
  • IKO has a wide range of off-the-shelf motion components and the expertise to help customers fulfill their requirements.

Application Examples

  • Mechatronic equipment
  • Wafer transport and wafer handling robots
  • Pick and place machines
  • Chip mounters
  • Die bonders
  • Ion implantation
  • Metrology tools
  • Robots