New IKO Cam Follower Prevents Metal-to-Metal Wear When Handling High Loads

IKO International has introduced a cam follower designed to handle heavy loads and their associated thrust loads. The CR…VBS Series features a proprietary sealing technology called ThrustDisk™ along with a radial gap to alleviate impact loading.

In heavy-duty cam-driven machines, improper mounting often causes misalignment that produces thrust forces and metal contact between the bearing’s outer ring and side plate. Heavy loading also creates deflections and uneven loading at the stud. Heat resulting from metal-to-metal contact can further reduce the cam follower’s life.

The CR…VBS’ ThrustDisk seal is made from a synthetic resin with a very low wear rate. Along with its built-in thrust washer, ThrustDisk goes into sliding contact areas of the unit’s outer ring, stud head and slide plate to handle axial loads, preventing wear and friction caused by mounting errors. It also resists heat and contamination to improve the bearing’s lifetime. Other features include a low coefficient of friction, good rotational performance and a hex head stud for easy mounting.

CR…VBS cam followers with ThrustDisk technology are part of IKO’s Inch series family, which are designed for a broad range of applications such as machine tools, industrial robots, packaging and handling and food processing equipment.

For more information about IKO cam followers, visit our product page.

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