Turn to us for clean, reliable and customizable motion products for medical devices.

From surgical robots to imaging, medical devices come in many sizes and have a wide range of motion needs. Two requirements they all have for motion components? Reliability and safety. IKO provides a wide variety of long-lasting, dependable linear and rotary motion products in sizes that cover a broad range of contamination-sensitive medical devices.

For example, our linear guides come in sizes ranging from 85 millimeters to handle heavy loads, to as small as 1 millimeter to address space-constrained robotic and lab-automation equipment. Our products feature robust construction and deliver smooth, accurate motion, and most come in stainless steel versions to meet strict federal clean room standards. They can also be modified for patient contact. In fact, we can cut linear guides to specific rail lengths and provide special lubricants and coatings to meet most any need.

We also offer long-term, maintenance-free operation thanks to C-Lube. This innovative technology is designed to release lubricating oil directly to the rolling elements of a guide without risk of contaminating machine parts and lab samples. When you partner with us, you can be sure your device moves reliably and safely.

Technical Advantages

  • Many products and accessories are offered in stainless steel versions. Certain guide products perform within Federal Standard 209D Class 10.
  • We offer motion products in small sizes to fit space-constrained robotic, automated laboratory and diagnostic equipment.
  • Linear motion rolling guides deliver smooth motion, accurate performance, good rigidity and a long lifetime.
  • Crossed roller bearings offer high rotational accuracy and can handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time.
  • Products with built-in C-Lube lubrication achieve long-term, maintenance-free operation.

Application Examples

  • Rehabilitation robots
  • Surgical robots
  • Lab diagnostics and blood testing
  • Lab automation
  • Medical imaging
  • Detection instruments
  • Vision testing
  • Dental milling machines
  • Cancer therapy
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Bone marrow engraftment
  • Dispensing units
  • Rodless cylinders