In an industry where reliability and timeliness are crucial, automotive machine builders trust IKO products for quality and prompt delivery.

The automotive industry knows the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Parts are designed years ahead of a production model, and capital machinery that once took a year to produce is now built in a few weeks. When you need quality motion components in a just-in-time industry like automotive, you can count on IKO.

We get our products to you fast. We carry a large inventory of off-the shelf products stocked in multiple U.S. locations to ensure delay-free availability. IKO products feature robust construction to perform reliably in welding lines, stamping machines and tooling equipment. For example, we offer a linear motion rolling guide with a highly rigid slide unit that moves over a wide track rail to enhance moment ability. For chucking and mold fixtures, our Linear Way H Series features two rows of steel balls that contact the raceway at four points to deliver high accuracy and rigidity. And many IKO products come with C-Lube built-in lubricating technology to minimize maintenance requirements. 

Reliable, robust and readily available components plus C-Lube technology make IKO one of the most trusted names in the automotive equipment industry.

Technical Advantages

  • IKO Reliability. IKO is recognized for reliability wherever capital machinery is used thanks to robust product construction and our commitment to quality.
  • Product availability. IKO has a wide range of off-the-shelf motion components and parts available when you need them.
  • C-Lube technology. Certain IKO products contain a built-in, self-lubricating element called C-Lube, which reduces maintenance time and expense.

Application Examples

  • Stamping plants
  • Assembly fixtures for tooling/molds
  • Welding lines for chassis and frames
  • Jigs, chucking and testing fixtures
  • Test and measurement