Ultra-Small Crossed Roller Bearings Help Shrink Automated Equipment Designs

When you need to incorporate a compact bearing into a space-constrained automated machine design, you may think you have to sacrifice precision. After all, if you have a complex or high-speed rotating load, it’s natural to look for a large bearing with solid construction that can provide good accuracy and rigidity. If you’re challenged by an automated or robotic machine design with limited space, it pays to give crossed roller bearings extra consideration. Crossed roller bearings are advanced products that are ideal for space-constrained automated machine designs. And, new crossed roller bearings from IKO International can deliver precise, repeatable motion and fit within the tight confines of your equipment.

A Combination of Two Desirable Attributes

Crossed roller bearings are designed with the rollers alternately crossed at right angles to each other between inner and outer rings. This arrangement creates a greater contact surface to allow the bearing to handle heavy or complex loads from any direction simultaneously. Thanks to this orthogonal array of rollers, crossed roller bearings can help reduce the size of many automated equipment designs.

IKO International’s new CRBT105A offers ultra-small dimensions: a 10 millimeter bore diameter, 21 millimeter outside diameter and a narrow width of 5 millimeters. It occupies half the sectional area of rear-mounted, 45-degree contact angle single-row roller or ball-type bearings.

Despite its compact size, the CRBT105A offers rigidity up to four times greater than double-row angular contact ball-type bearings. This combination of small size and high rigidity makes the CRBT105A suitable for robots with articulating arms, and it also can find use in compact surveillance cameras because it can handle complex loads in all directions. Additional features and specifications include:

  • Separators between cylindrical rollers to provide smooth rotation.
  • Dynamic load rating of 1,120N and static load rating of 811N.
  • Small coefficient of friction for high-speed rotation.
  • Lightweight design.

Stay Ahead of Automated Equipment’s Always-Reducing Size Requirements

Designers of automated equipment with high-speed or rotating, complex loads can obtain high rigidity and precision with a compact crossed roller bearing. IKO’s CRBT105A crossed roller bearing delivers greater rigidity than typically found in double-row angular contact ball-type bearings plus smooth rotation while helping designers stay ahead of ever-shrinking size requirements.

For more information about IKO’s rigid, compact bearings for complex loads, visit our product page.

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