Stay In Balance With The TE Precision Positioning Table

For positioning applications that need to strike a balance between cost, size and precision, check out our new TE Precision Positioning Table.

The positioning table’s main components are made from high-strength aluminum alloy with steel raceways and feature a slide table inside a U-shaped bed.

Cost Out. By reducing the parts count and optimizing the geometry of the components, we created a cost-effective positioning stage that still delivers in the accuracy department.

Compact Size & Light Weight. The TE Precision Positioning table has a low cross-sectional height of 26mm for TE50B, 33mm for TE60B and 46mm for TE86B. Sensors can be directly installed on an integrated sensor rail, which minimizes table size. The mass of the entire body is less than 5 lbs. for a 20 inch stroke length. These attributes contribute to minimizing equipment size and energy consumption.

Excellent Precision. The repeatability is ± 0.002 millimeters, and the positioning accuracy is as good as 0.035 mm.

The TE table specification can be easily chosen to meet different application requirements. Key features and options include:

  • Precise IKO linear guide technology
  • High-strength aluminum alloy construction integrating steel raceways
  • Precision ball screw with two types of lead
  • Standard or flanged slide table configurations
  • Options for dual slide tables
  • Dust protection cover
  • Long-term maintenance-free C-Lube technology
  • Space-saving motor mount options by using a motor folding back unit
  • NEMA motor attachment bracket is available
  • Available For Quick Ship

Many TE Precision Positioning Tables are stocked in the United States and ship immediately. All other standard configurations and orders of up to five units ship within one month.

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