Get Up and Running Quickly With This Award-Winning Crossed Roller Bearing

It’s no secret that crossed roller bearings are an exceptional option for smooth and accurate rotary motion in space-constrained rotating mechanisms because they can solve the problem of handling radial, thrust and moment loads simultaneously using just one device. However, while crossed roller bearings can simplify designs and reduce space requirements, installing non-mounting hole-type crossed roller bearings can still involve time and effort. Here’s why:

In order to mount non-mounting hole-type crossed roller bearings, the bearings usually must fit into housings or be used with pressure plates. If special care is not taken, improper mounting can damage the rings, shafts and raceways and can cause misalignment, shortening the bearing’s lifetime. In addition to these risks, installation requires significant work and adds time plus labor and material costs to the project.

Mounting Made Simple

One super-slim product can significantly reduce the hassles and risks involved with installation, taking the benefits of crossed roller bearings even further. Our CRBTF Series offers the advantages you would expect from crossed roller bearings — small size, high rigidity, excellent rotational accuracy and a low coefficient of friction — with an ultra-slim width and mounting holes to simplify installation.

These bearings measure 5 millimeters (mm) wide with a shaft diameter range from 10 to 40 mm. Thanks to the mounting holes, they bolt directly onto the mounting surface, thereby eliminating the need for housings, mounting plates and complex installation procedures. The result: savings in installation time, effort, parts and materials, as well as a more compact assembly.

Additional features and specifications of the CRBTF Series include:

  • Separators between the cylindrical rollers, enabling smooth rotation.
  • A dynamic load rating range from 1,500 to 2,440 Newtons (N) and static load rating range from 1,410 to 3,490N.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Single-piece construction for both inner and outer rings.

Award-winning Technology

Because of these attributes, CRBTF crossed roller bearings have been recognized in the 2021 Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Awards with a silver award in the mechanical category. The LEAP Awards is an annual design engineering product competition presented by WTWH Media, celebrating the most innovative and forward-thinking products across the mechanical and electronic engineering disciplines. This award affirms our dedication to motion device innovation and know-how.

Reduce the Size And Weight of Your Equipment

When precise motion in a rotating mechanism is needed, bearing size and installation difficulty matter. IKO’s CRBTF award-winning family of super-slim crossed roller bearings with mounting holes take the time and complexity out of installation. Not only will you get the rigidity and rotational accuracy you require, the size and weight of your equipment is reduced. And, your equipment gets up and running faster.

For more information about our CRBTF super-slim crossed roller bearings, visit our product page.

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