Constructing Crossed Roller Bearings for Optimal Rigidity and Easy Installation

Machine designers are increasingly turning to crossed roller bearings for use in motion systems thanks to their high accuracy, rigidity and efficiency. This type of bearing uses alternately crossed rollers positioned at right angles to each other between inner and outer rings, which allows them to take radial, thrust and moment loads from any direction at the same time. Because the rollers make line contact with raceway surfaces, there’s less deflection under load and more rigidity. Crossed roller bearings are particularly suitable for applications with moderate rotational speed such as industrial robots, machine tools and medical equipment, especially because they come with a spacer to separate one roller from the other.

Although they offer undeniable benefits, not all crossed roller bearings are created equal. IKO International, for example, incorporates special construction features into CRBFV and CRBHV Series bearings to provide very high rigidity and to meet specific design requirements. Here are some features to look for when selecting a crossed roller bearing:

  • One-piece Construction. Crossed roller bearings are available with solid, non-separable inner and outer ring construction that allows them to easily achieve high rigidity and high accuracy without being affected by surrounding structures.
  • Compact Size. The rollers’ orthogonal arrangement results in a smaller contact area versus mounting single row roller or ball bearings, which also means a more compact, space-saving design.
  • Easy Installation. IKO’s CRBFV crossed roller bearings feature mounting holes on both the inner and outer rings so they can be mounted without special housings or fixing plates. This combination of pre-drilled holes and one-piece construction virtually eliminates mounting errors.

A Single Crossed Roller Bearing Provides All the Essential Benefits.
Crossed roller bearings are an attractive option for machine designers who need to handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time in their motion systems. Bearings such as IKO’s CRBFV and CRBHV Series offer non-separable construction, compact size and easy installation to yield high rigidity, accuracy and mounting ease. These features make IKO crossed roller bearings the perfect choice for motion systems with relatively high rotational speeds.

For more information on IKO Crossed Roller Bearings, visit our Crossed Roller Bearings product page.


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