When it comes to linear guides, there’s nothing worse than having to purchase a completely new assembly if just one component fails. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to look for linear guide systems featuring interchangeable parts that can be mixed, matched and swapped out as needed.

Increased System Flexibility. IKO offers most of its slide units and track rails as separate, interchangeable components. If a bearing goes bad, simply swap out the failed slide unit with a new one provided the rail is not also damaged. In addition to simplified maintenance, this interchangeability allows you to easily modify your guide system. Rail lengths can be cut to order, and carriages can be added or removed from the track to build a flexible system that can evolve as manufacturing needs change.

Having this interchangeable specification makes it easy to prepare for a number of different scenarios. Perhaps the length of your track rail is no longer sufficient, for example. Or you simply want to store extra slide units in case of an emergency.

Interchange Unit, Accuracy And Preload. Slide units from IKO are available in different shapes, mountings and lengths for easy replacement on the same track rail. This unit interchangeability allows you to order parts separately and assemble them into different sets as required.

You can choose from several slide unit lengths, depending on the size and series—short, standard, long and extra long—and from three accuracy classes, including Ordinary, High and Precision. Preload settings can also be tailored according to your application, enabling you to improve the rigidity of your unit without making any time-consuming or costly design changes.

To learn more, download the white paper, Miniature Linear Bearings Offer Maximum Performance.

Download the White Paper



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