Spherical Bushings

Self-aligning bushings for large and complex loads

IKO designs and manufactures a variety of spherical plain bushings featuring inner and outer rings with spherical sliding surfaces. Bushings can handle large radial loads and bidirectional axial loads at the same time. Features include:

Steel-on-steel spherical bushings are well suited for applications that involve alternate loads and shock loads.
  • Widely used in industrial and construction equipment.
  • High carbon chromium bearing steel used for inner and outer rings.
  • Phosphate-treated sliding surfaces dry-coated with molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) provide excellent wear resistance, large load capacity and low-torque operation.
  • Optional polyurethane seals prevent grease leakage and dust penetration.

Maintenance-free spherical bushings are designed to handle fixed directional loads.

  • Widely used in food processing machinery, construction equipment and applications where oil is undesirable or lubrication is difficult.
  • Durable outer rings feature PTFE liners reinforced with copper alloy meshes on sliding surfaces.
  • Spherical inner rings feature sliding surfaces with a hard chromium plating.
  • Excellent wear resistance and small creep deformation ensure maintenance-free operation for extended periods.
  • Optional synthetic resin seals prevent dust penetration.

PILLOBALLS are compact, self-aligning spherical bushings that support large radial loads and bidirectional axial loads at the same time. Several styles are available to provide smooth rotational and oscillatory motion, classified by different sliding surfaces.

  • Widely used in control and link mechanisms of machine tools, packaging equipment and textile machinery.
  • Insert style bushings feature spherical inner rings that make contact with copper alloy bushings with excellent run-in properties.
  • Die-cast bushings feature spherical inner rings that make contact with bore surfaces of die-cast zinc bodies.
  • Maintenance-free bushings are designed for loading in one direction and where oil is undesirable. They feature spherical inner rings that make contact with durable PTFE liners.
  • PILLOBALL rod ends are available in both male and female versions for easy assembly.

L-Balls are self-aligning rod ends comprised of die-cast zinc bodies and studded balls set at a right angle to the body. L-Balls enable tilting, oscillation, low-torque rotation and smooth power transmission due to uniform clearance between sliding surfaces.

  • Widely used in link mechanisms for automobiles, construction and farm equipment, and packaging machinery.
  • Superior wear resistance provides stable accuracy for extended periods.
  • Economical and easy to maintain.
  • Optional dust covers made of synthetic rubber prevent dirt penetration and grease leakage.