Rotary Motion Products


Radial style bearings for high speeds and heavy loads

IKO manufactures a wide range of radial needle roller bearings to meet the needs of different applications and machine profiles. These include shell type bearings, needle roller cages for both general use and within engine connecting rods, and machined type needle roller bearings.

Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings

Shell type needle roller bearings are lightweight, low profile motion components designed to handle either high speeds or heavy loads, depending on the configuration. An outer ring made of high strength steel enables a streamlined profile with the lowest sectional height of all the needle roller bearings. Two types of shell style bearings are available — caged and full complement:

  • Caged bearings for high-speed rotation feature precise needle rollers, accurately guided by a cage and thrust rings.
  • Full complement bearings for heavy loads and low-speed rotation are press-fit into the housing and do not require any fixtures for axial positioning, offering an economical option for mass-produced goods.

Needle Roller Cages For General Use

Needle roller cages for general use provide exceptional rotational performance in a lightweight, highly rigid bearing design.

  • Needle rollers with tiny dimensional variations in diameter are retained in special cages that precisely guide them.
  • Ideal for small spaces when combined with accurately ground shafts and housing bores.
  • Large lubricant capacity helps bearings withstand severe conditions such as high-speed rotation and shock loads.

Needle Roller Cages For Engine Connecting Rods

Needle roller cages for engine connecting rods are lightweight bearings featuring high load ratings, high rigidity and excellent wear resistance for use in both high-performance automotive and general purpose engine applications. Two styles fit both big and small end connecting rods.

  • Suitable for use in harsh operating conditions, including heavy shock loads, high speeds, high temperatures and those requiring extreme lubrication.
  • Wide range of applications including: high-performance motorcycle engines, small motor vehicles, marine outboards, snowmobiles, high-speed compressors and all-purpose engines.