Rotary Motion Products

Roller Followers

Reliable follower bearings for cam mechanisms and linear motion guidance

IKO manufacturers a variety of durable roller followers that feature needle rollers embedded in a thick outer ring, specifically designed for smooth outer ring rotation. Crowned and cylindrical outer ring styles meet a diverse range of application needs. Outer rings run directly on mating track surfaces. Other features include:

  • Crowned outer rings that mitigate end loads due to installation errors.
  • Cylindrical outer rings for greater contact with mating track surfaces for applications with large loads or tracks with low surface hardness.
  • Specifications for cam mechanisms and for linear guidance in conveying equipment.

Two Bearing

Two bearing designs offer maximum flexibility—caged and full complement versions.

  • Caged bearings feature a smaller coefficient of friction, ideal for high-speed rotation.
  • Full complement bearings handle heavy loads at low speeds as well as oscillating motions.

Separable and Non-separable

Separable and non-separable styles are available to help tailor IKO roller followers to their intended application.

  • Separable followers combine an outer ring, inner ring and needle cage for excellent high-speed performance. Each part is separable and styles are available with or without inner rings. Inner ring inner diameters (IDs) range from 7 to 60 mm.
  • Non-separable followers feature press-fit end plates at both sides of the inner ring. Inner ring IDs range from 5 to 50 mm.

Three Structures

Three structures meet a wide range of application needs and include open, shield and sealed versions.

  • Open style is available for separable roller followers.
  • Shield style offers narrow clearances between outer rings and stud collars and between outer rings and end plates to form labyrinths.
  • Sealed style features synthetic rubber seals to prevent dust and dirt from entering the bearing.


Cylindrical roller followers are full complement, heavy duty roller bearings featuring double-row cylindrical rollers incorporated in the outer ring.

  • Built to handle large radial loads and some axial loads.
  • Inner ring IDs range from 15 to 50 mm.

Inch Series

Inch series non-separable roller followers feature a black oxide surface treatment.

  • Inner ring IDs range from 1/4 to 1 1/4 in. (6.35 to 31.75 mm).