Rotary Motion Products


Give needle bearings an optimal contact surface and prevent premature wear

Inner rings can be integrated with shell-type or various machined needle roller bearings to provide good roller support without worrying about premature shaft wear. We heat-treat and grind our inner rings to tight tolerances to create hard, tough raceways for applications where it is impossible to make shaft surfaces to a specific hardness or roughness attribute. They’re an economical alternative to bushings because they don’t require any additional machining. Wide inner rings are also available to accommodate shafts that move axially or seals that are adjacent to bearings. Inner rings come in a broad range of shaft diameters, and assembly elements include small chamfers or gentle taper relief options.

IRT/IRB Series

Inner Rings for Shell-Type Needle Roller Bearings
These rings are designed to provide a durable surface for shell-type needle roller bearings with non-machined raceways. Metric type IRT Series inner rings are available with shaft diameters from 7 to 60 millimeters, and inch-type IRB Series shaft diameters range from 5/16 to 2½ inches.

LRT/LRB Series

Inner Rings for Machined-Type Needle Roller Bearings
Inner rings for machined-type needle roller bearings come in a variety of dimensions. Metric-type LRT Series inner rings have shaft diameters from 5 to 440 millimeters. Inch-type LRB Series inner rings offer shaft diameters from ⅜ to 3¾ inches and oil-hole versions for easier lubrication.