Positioning Tables and Stages

Advanced positioning mechanisms for precise linear and rotary motion

IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of positioning tables, stages and alignment modules to achieve fast and precise machine motion in a variety of applications, from semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing equipment to complex assembly systems.

Precision Positioning Tables (TSLB)

Precision Positioning Tables (TSLB) are high speed, long stroke units that incorporate a steel-core timing belt and a five-phase stepping motor for excellent accuracy. High strength aluminum alloys are used for the lightweight table and bed, while two IKO linear ways are mounted parallel to each other to provide a stable and precise positioning.

  • Maximum speed is 1500 mm/s with stroke lengths from 300 to 1200 mm, depending on model.
  • Three sizes are available with table widths from 90 to 170 mm.
  • Applications include high speed assembly, transfer equipment and pallet changers.

Alignment Tables (AT)

Alignment Tables (AT) are rotary positioning mechanisms for precise angle correction. They consist of a highly rigid steel table and bed, along with a crossed roller bearing for stability in all directions. The table converts the linear motion of the precision ball screw drive into rotary motion at the specified operating angle. An AT table may be mounted on top of a precision positioning table slide unit to create a low height, multi-axis positioning mechanism with repeatability of ±1 second.

  • Three sizes are available: 120, 200 and 300 mm.
  • Both stepper and AC servo motors are available.
  • Applications include high-precision measuring instruments, inspection equipment and assembly machines.

Alignment Modules (AM)

Alignment Modules (AM) work together with alignment stages by combining a highly rigid crossed roller bearing and linear way on a precision positioning table (TU). The alignment stage may be configured without adjusting the height of the respective alignment module.

  • Various stages and bases can be combined into the alignment module to meet application needs.
  • Four module sizes are available with stroke lengths of 30 to 120 mm.

Alignment Stages (SA)

Alignment Stages (SA) combine a linear motion rolling guide, crossed roller bearing and direct drive linear motor to create a compact, low profile XYθ positioning table. The X-table for linear motion is combined with the θ-table for rotary positioning in the basic configuration. Other designs can be easily specified including stage to achieve XY or XYθ motion. A coreless linear motor, miniature linear way and crossed roller bearing combine to achieve an extremely low profile when compared to ball screw-driven stages.

  • Extremely high resolution and accuracy are achieved using closed loop control and a high resolution linear encoder.
  • Five sizes are available with various sectional shapes.
  • Applications include semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment and positioning mechanisms for measuring and inspection instruments. 

Precision Elevating Tables (TZ)

Precision Elevating Tables (TZ) perform precise up-and-down positioning by using a wedge mechanism, while two rolling guides work in parallel to achieve high rigidity in a compact design. Extremely high repeatability and accuracy are possible through closed loop control with an optional linear encoder.

  • Limit sensors and other sensors are supplied in all models.
  • Built-in C-Lube lubrication components for long life and maintenance-free operation up to five years or 20,000 kilometers and beyond.
  • Several models are available with table widths of 120 or 200 mm, and wedge reduction ratios of 1:2 or 1:4.
  • Tables may be combined with an IKO CT precision positioning table for XYZ axis positioning.

Programmable Controllers

Programmable Controllers enable highly precise positioning control of various machines that use servo and stepper motors, such as IKO precision positioning tables.

  • A program input of 10,000 steps is possible and controllers feature high-speed pulse output up to 8 MHz.
  • USB and RS422 interfaces come standard with all units.
  • A multitasking function allows simultaneous operation of up to five programs.