Linear Motor Drive Positioning Tables

High-precision positioning tables with linear motor drives

Direct drive positioning mechanisms for fast and responsive machine motion

IKO designs and manufactures several styles of positioning tables driven by linear motors that act as accurate and repeatable positioning mechanisms in a variety of applications, from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to assembly systems.


Linear Motor Tables (LT)

Linear Motor Tables (LT) are lightweight, direct drive positioning mechanisms with low sectional heights. An AC servomotor and miniature optical linear scale are integrated within a high-strength aluminum table and bed to achieve fast acceleration and highly responsive positioning.

  • A C-shaped magnet yoke set between two stator magnets, along with a high-density coil, enable a driving force of 150 to 900 N for fast, precise motion.
  • The three styles of the LT series are: compact (CE), long stroke (LD) and high thrust (H).
  • Built-in C-Lube lubrication units guarantee long life and maintenance-free operation for five years or 20,000 km.
  • Applications include semiconductor equipment, measuring instruments, assembly systems and material handling machinery.