Plain Bearings


Self-aligning rod ends ensure smooth articulating motion

Rod ends help you achieve precisely controlled motion in articulating mechanisms without misalignment or damaging deflections. They feature uniform clearance between sliding surfaces to allow better tilting, oscillation, low-torque rotation and smooth power transmission and provide excellent wear resistance.

L-Ball Rod Ends

L-Balls are self-aligning rod ends that enable tilting, oscillation, low-torque rotation and smooth power transmission in a wide range of automated equipment.

  • L-Balls are made from durable, die-cast zinc with studded balls set at a right angle to the body.
  • Uniform clearance between sliding surfaces enables smooth motion.
  • This economical bearing option is well-suited for automobiles, construction and agricultural equipment, and packaging machinery.
  • Superior wear resistance provides stable accuracy for extended periods.
  • Designed for easy maintenance.
  • Two rod end types are available.
  • Optional synthetic rubber dust covers protect your L-Ball rod ends from dust, oil and ozone while preventing grease leakage.


PILLOBALL self-aligning rod ends can be used as link mechanisms in a variety of machines and are designed for easy installation.

  • Available with either a female thread in the body or a male thread on the body.
  • Each PILLOBALL rod end type achieves smooth rotational and oscillatory motion while providing excellent wear and loading capabilities.
  • Customers can choose from three types of PILLOBALL rod ends.
  • Insert-type PILLOBALLS are designed with a special copper alloy bushing to provide effective run-in properties.
  • Die-cast type PILLOBALLS’ spherical inner ring makes direct contact with the bore surface of a special zinc die-cast alloy body.
  • Maintenance-free type PILLOBALLS come with a special PTFE liner and are especially suitable for loading in one direction.