Specialized Linear Motion Rolling Guides

Precise guide components for reliable and accurate machine motion

IKO designs and manufactures a variety of heavy duty, functional guides to achieve high precision linear machine motion across a diverse range of applications such as medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing. A wide range of specialty designs are available, from crossed roller ways that prevent cage creeping to precision slide units for clean room operation.

Crossed Roller Way

Crossed Roller Way Guides (CRW, CRWM) feature a unique design that incorporates a roller cage between two linear ways with V-shaped surfaces that act as track grooves. Because the cylindrical rollers are alternately crossed, this specialized structure can handle loads in any direction while facilitating highly accurate and smooth linear motion.
  • The standard model (CRW) features four ways and two roller cages.
  • The module version (CRWM) combines two inner ways into a single component.
  • Stainless steel versions of the CRW type are available in multiple sizes for superior corrosion resistance.

Anti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way Guides (CRWG) prevent cage creep with a rack and pinion mechanism, while enabling smooth linear motion with impressive accuracy.
  • For applications that require high load capacity, the CRWG-H features a heavy duty raceway to handle extreme loads.
  • Both models are suitable for use on a vertical axis.
  • Stainless steel is available for superior corrosion resistance.

Crossed Roller Way Units (CRWU) and Anti-Creep Crossed Roller Way Units (CRWUG) provide a complete solution for limited stroke lengths and feature a highly rigid table and bed to minimize elastic deformation.
  • Three sectional shapes and multiple sizes are available.
  • The anti-creep version includes:
  • A rack and pinion mechanism that eliminates cage creep
  • Highly accurate and stable linear motion
  • Suitable for use on a vertical axis.