When urgency and uncompromising quality are critical, IKO is an indispensable partner in the fight against the pandemic.

As the life sciences industry addresses COVID-19, traditional models for researching and developing tests, vaccines and treatment have been accelerated. Manufacturers designing and building the instruments that carry out this critical work expect highly reliable parts from suppliers that can adapt to their aggressive production goals and lead times. Any lapses in quality, fulfillment or service from parts suppliers can lead to unacceptable delays that can also affect lives.

Many of the leading life science equipment manufacturers turn to IKO to help solve these challenges. Our quality, maintenance-free motion components and assertive customer service are backed by a full infrastructure that gives customers clarity and certainty as they plan ahead for ramped up production in response to the COVID crisis. As the effort to get your equipment to market takes on greater urgency, here’s how IKO can be your indispensable partner to combat the pandemic:

IKO Advantages

  • High-quality products. Our products provide accuracy, repeatability and reliability to ensure lab objects and samples are consistently positioned and precisely rotated. Each year, we demonstrate our quality by producing hundreds of thousands of parts with zero defects.
  • On-time delivery. Our infrastructure is suited for on-time delivery. We carry a large inventory of standard and custom parts stocked in multiple U.S. locations to ensure immediate availability. And when a new prototype is needed right away, we’ll draw from that inventory and work with local machine shops to create proof of concept samples. Then, our design team will work with manufacturing to develop a plan to meet your high volume needs.
  • Engineering talent and resources. IKO has long been a trusted industry partner for application expertise and problem solving. We communicate with customers daily so realistic plans can be made and expectations met — all while building a strong relationship.
  • Full commitment to a fast response. From local sales engineers to senior management and production staff with support from both our US and Japanese facilities, IKO delivers an organization-wide, coordinated rapid response to make solving your COVID-related challenges our shared goal.
  • Exceptional value. IKO products are competitively priced, and many come with maintenance-free C-Lube lubricating technology built-in to minimize maintenance requirements. This combination of IKO quality and maintenance-free C-lube products ensures 24/7 operation and long life for equipment needed for life-saving work.

Application Examples

  • Automated workstations
  • Liquid handling products
  • Air displacement pipettes (ADPs)
  • Test equipment