IKO has launched the C-Lube Unit to reduce cam follower maintenance time and costs, which represents a significant expense over the lifetime of the bearing in a typical plant environment.

Unlike anything available in the industry today, IKO's C-Lube Unit contains a solid lubricant which is automatically distributed onto the cam follower's outer ring and then onto the mating track surface to provide abrasion protection and increase corrosion resistance. This negates the need for periodic oil supplying, which can be labor intensive, especially across multiple cam followers.

IKO C-Lube Bearings. IKO's C-Lube Unit can be used with any standard cam follower, but IKO highly recommends combing it with the Company's 'C-Lube Cam Follower' for a long-term, maintenance-free bearing system. The C-Lube Unit simply attaches to the head of the cam follower and no additional work to the bearing system is required. IKO's C-Lube Cam Followers contain solid lubrication inside the head of the cam follower which distributes the lubricant onto the raceway when the bearing rotates.


In a durability test* IKO's C-Lube Cam Follower, used in conjunction with a C-Lube Unit, ran for 16,000km and the cam follower still had 95% of its residual lubricating oil. Not only do these bearings cut lubrication maintenance time, they also ensure that hard to reach parts get lubricated and are not neglected. Reducing the amount of lubricant used also lowers the environmental C-Lube Durability Test impact of each, individual cam follower.

IKO's CL Cam Followers are available in stud diameters from 6mm to 20mm are ideal for a range of applications such as printing, material handling and liquid crystal/semiconductor manufacturing equipment, or any applications in which grease scattering or seepage should be minimized.

*Conditions included a maximum speed of 2000mm/s, a stroke length of 300mm, ground hardness of HRC58 or over, and a roughness of Rz 6.3µm or less.

About IKO

IKO is a world leader in needle roller bearings and linear motion rolling guides and was the first Company in Japan to initiate technical developments on the needle roller bearing. Compared with traditional ball bearings and other roller bearings, the needle roller bearing is small in size and light, but offers a very high load capacity. Needle roller bearings help to make the overall equipment more compact, thus saving money and resources. IKO has also developed a range of linear motion rolling guide units for applications that require extremely high levels of precision, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 


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